swire. offshore hosting

Your #1 offshore hosting service, because your privacy is our goal.

Why us ?

You should be free

Servers are located in countries with resilient laws. Also we won't comply to any takedown notice as long as you follow our guidelines.

Your security matters

Our entire system has been built from scratch with security in mind for every step of your experience.

We don't need to know who you are

No personnal informations are asked, you only need a password to create an account. No email. No username.

24/7 Support

You have a question or an issue ?
We wil get back to you in the shortest time possible.


Why Switzerland offshore hosting ?
""Switzerland has always been recognized as a Free-Speech and privacy haven. Also we won't comply to any takedown notice as long as you follow our guidelines. It remains neutral, has a liberal democracy and is at the top of the World Press Freedom Index and of the freedom scores.
Switzerland also have Data Protection Laws at the federal and Canton level."
What are the rules on the servers ?
"Our rules are simple, we are not here to rule the internet, as long as you respect swiss laws and do not do anything that may disturb other customers we will always defend your privacy and freedom of speech."
What payements methods do you accept ?
"We currently accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Monero."
What do I do after I paid ?
"After you have paid, your transaction will be confirmed on the blockchain. Once your transaction is confirmed, your server will be deployed by our tech staff in under 24 hours. If we exceed this time span, we will add one free day to your subscription. When your server has been deployed, you need to reinstall the OS to choose your new password. Default user is "Administrator" for RDPs and "root" for VPSs."
Do you provide any support ?
"Here you aren't alone when you have a problem, we are available 24/7 to help you. You can at any time create a ticket or directly contact us on Telegram to ask your question to our support team."