Terms of Service.

Refund policy :

If your server doesn't work we will compensate the time your service have been offline by adding this time to your current subscription (except planned maintenance). Else, Swire does NOT provide refunds after your service have been delivered.

Email Communication :

By default, Swire will not email you. An email can be added on our panel so you will ONLY receive emails about your products or your account.

Availability, Backups and Security :

We guarantee as per our refund policy that if your server is down we will add the time it was down to your subscription. We do backup every customer server multiple times per week on an entirely separated and owned dedicated server in Switzerland. If you do not want your data stored at rest just contact our support to disable automatic backups. Even if we do our best it is the responsability of the client to backup his data. Keep your files safe.

Security :

You own your server, we do not watch it. You are responsible of what happen on your server, keep it secure.

Acceptable Usage Policy :

Our policy is to not censor nor to judge anything you host. Swire defend freedom of speech, as long as we do not recieve any Swiss legal order and that you do follow our terms we will NOT delete your service without warnings. We may still temporarily suspend your service if we recieve abuse complaint until you resolve the issue.

Please do not do anything that may disturb other customers on our VPS and RDP server plans (mining or others IO intensive tasks). Please also do not use our services for phishing, dos, spam or any action that may get the ip of your server blacklisted by spamhaus.

TOR midle, relay and exit nodes as well as VPN and public proxys are free to be hosted on our services but keep in mind that you have to respect the Bandwidth plan of your server.